Group Exercise: Movers and Shakers

One of the most common reasons people quit, or never start, an exercise program is because of time constraints – juggling work, family and personal commitments. Most people know exercise is good for them and want to incorporate it into their lives. However, they do not always know the first step to take.

Buyer Beware: Pitfalls of Self-Administered Rapid Drug Tests

pit-fall / n: a hidden or not easily recognized danger or difficulty

The popularity of employer-administered rapid drug testing is on the rise. Dozens of vendors are marketing rapid drug test kits directly to employers, promising accuracy, convenience and cost savings. Employers should study all options carefully before deciding to self-administer employee rapid drug tests. A look beneath the surface of marketing promises reveals the major pitfalls in self-administering that may offset the benefits of rapid testing.

Summer Safety for Teen Workers

If your company is planning to hire young workers to fill summer job positions, make sure you're aware of the latest changes to the laws protecting teen workers and be prepared to provide our young staff with safety training.

EAPs Stop Problems Before They Start
Sometimes, even the best employees have personal problems that result in stress and affect their job performance. In fact, approximately 7 out of 10 workers feel that stress has made them less productive.

Workplace Wellness Program

Implementing a workplace wellness program is good business. As an employer, giving employees the opportunity to learn about and choose healthy behaviors is one of the most important things you can do to lower costs.

When Heat Stress Strikes

Your body normally cools itself by sweating. During hot weather, especially with high humidity, sweating just isn't enough. Your body temperature can rise to dangerous levels and you can develop a heat-related illness, which can become serious or even deadly if unattended.

BarnesCare Certified DOT Medical Examiners Keep Drivers Healthy and Safe

BarnesCare, the St. Louis leader in providing Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examinations for over 25 years, is pleased to have the following certified medical examiners listed on the National Registry.

On-Site Health Screenings Promote Wellness

Health screenings are a key component in a wellness program. Workplace screenings help employees learn and understand key health measurements and risks. They can be a great way to kick off a new wellness initiative. Screenings can also be provided as an annual offering to engage employees and remind them that their health is important to your organization. 

Be Ergonomically Correct

Be Ergonomically Correct

Ergonomics looks at what kind of work you do, what tools you use and your whole job environment to find the best fit between you and your job conditions.

Create a Culture of Health in Your Workplace

From the time your employees' feet hit the floor in the morning, the demands of the day just keep piling on. In addition to their job responsibilities, some may feel overloaded by household duties, family obligations and financial strain. It’s no wonder that for many, a home-cooked, balanced meal or a stop at a local gym may not be high on their priority list at the end of the day.



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