Create a Culture of Health in Your Workplace

Create a Culture of Health in Your Workplace

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But between those two daily commutes, your company has an opportunity to enable and encourage healthy habits for all your employees. By providing wellness activities in the workplace and incentives for using them during the workday, you can remove a barrier to participation and engage employees.

In an industry survey, employees reported that the #1 factor standing in the way of their participation in wellness programs is trust. An employee who trusts the wellness program will be more likely to participate and to take actions that result in employee well-being and reduced health care costs.

The BarnesCare name alone instills trust. For over 65 years, occupational medicine has been BarnesCare’s singular focus. We’re experts, and we’re backed by BJC, one of the top-ranked health systems in the country. Because of this, we’re able to offer valuable resources that are unparalleled in the market, including a dedicated wellness coordinator to facilitate a healthy partnership between employees and employer for the success of the program.

BarnesCare Wellness is different in every workplace. BarnesCare team members will create, implement and sustain a customized wellness program that’s just right for your company, whatever the size of your organization or the demographic of your workforce.

Using workplace Health Screenings to help employees learn and understand their health measurements and risks, our team can provide education and referrals and facilitate lifestyle changes to pt your workers on the path to improved health.

Utilizing aggregate data obtained through screenings, our team identifies priority health risks that can be targeted in your organization’s future wellness programming. That programming might include fitness activities like group exercise programs, mat classes and small group personal training. It might also include health promotion programming such as group nutrition, smoking cessation, stress management and heart health education designed by trusted health and wellness professionals from BJC HealthCare. By making wellness a social activity, your wellness coordinator can create accountability and peer support structures within your employee population and foster an environment where working toward wellness becomes the norm. These are highly effective motivators that your employees may not have outside the workplace.

Incentive programs can also motivate employees and drive participation. Your BarnesCare wellness coordinator can develop individual and team competitions that require employees to set and achieve healthy lifestyle goals. Best of all, the time-consuming business of organizing, implementing and tracking incentive program participation is all performed by your wellness coordinator.

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