Keeping Your People Performing at Their Best

BarnesCare’s knowledge and experience treating work-related injuries spans over 65 years. BarnesCare providers follow evidence-based treatment procedures. Our goal is to provide the best possible patient care through accurate diagnosis and appropriate levels of treatment -- promoting timely patient recovery to full duty and saving clients lost time and money.

Communication is instrumental to a successful partnership. We dedicate ourselves to getting to know your business and understanding your specific needs. A medical professional will contact you after each initial visit and will always be available to answer your questions.

BarnesCare also makes tracking your employees' progress easier. That's why we send summary reports to clients immediately after each patient visit. In addition, clients can view employee status and treatment plans at their convenience via our remote access option.

The Corporate Health Nurse, Your Partner in the Medical Field

BJC Emergency Department Coordination

When emergency care is needed, one of BJC’s eight metropolitan area hospitals is a short drive away. Our emergency department providers understand the subtle differences of work-related cases and, if needed, partner with BarnesCare to discuss required follow-up care, work restrictions and medications. Emergency department records and results from diagnostic tests performed at BJC hospitals are immediately available online for BarnesCare clinician review. This eliminates duplicate testing during follow-up visits and prevents the patient from having to carry case notes and test results from appointment to appointment.