BarnesCare is the occupational medicine division of BJC HealthCare. BarnesCare has worked with St. Louis businesses since 1946, applying the best occupational medicine to evaluate and treat your employees.

Our BarnesCare clinics are focused exclusively on occupational medicine, the only medical specialty in which there is formal training of the interaction between the worker and their workplace.

Our goal is to keep your employees healthy and safe by working with you to prevent injuries and to provide effective evidence-based care when an injury does occur. We want your employees to return to their jobs safely, productively and with additional knowledge of how to prevent similar injuries.

We dedicate ourselves to gaining first-hand knowledge of your company’s unique needs so we can apply the best care and service for you and your employees. We have an expert understanding of the interaction between health and productivity, the worker and the work environment. We are committed to the highest standards of quality care and customer service. We are BarnesCare – and we are dedicated to a healthy workplace.