Drug and Alcohol Screening Deters Users

From collection management to result reporting, the BarnesCare team is your valued advisor for your substance abuse testing needs. Offering several testing platforms, our team will help you determine the best program for your specific needs.

Lab-Based Urine Testing

  • Considered the gold standard, lab-based urine drug testing is a cost-effective and legally proven solution
  • Standard test panels and expanded panel menu options available for additional substances
  • DOT-approved testing option

Point-of-Collection (Rapid Urine) Testing

  • FDA-approved detection and legally defensible
  • Negative results available within minutes of testing
  • Additional testing at the lab for presumed positives

Oral Fluid Testing

  • Reliable alternative to urine drug testing for most common drugs of abuse
  • Eliminates collection hassles and specimen integrity concerns
  • Testing for most common drugs of abuse

Hair Testing

  • Offers a wider “window of detection,” which is the amount of time a test can reliably detect drug usage, than other testing methods
  • The non-intrusive collection process and reduced risk of specimen adulteration make hair testing an effective option

Breath Alcohol Testing

  • Evidential Breath Testing equipment authorized for DOT screening and confirmation testing
  • Certified collectors

Substance Abuse Testing Solutions

  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services
    A gatekeeper to the integrity of the drug testing process, the BarnesCare MRO reviews lab reports to determine if there are any legitimate medical explanations for non-negative drug screen results.
  • On-Site Testing
    With one call to our on-site service line, your after-hours, weekend and holiday drug testing issues are resolved. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week anywhere in the St. Louis metropolitan area.
  • Random Testing Program
    Let BarnesCare take care of your DOT and/or non-DOT random testing and administration needs. Our team keeps your organization in step using sophisticated software for random draws, record management and required statistical reports.
  • Collection Management
    Streamline your out-of-town testing. Let the BarnesCare experts handle the details associated with identifying collection sites, coordinating lab services, result reporting and billing.
  • Result Reporting
    Access test results anytime, anywhere with our lab’s easy to use online portal. Of course, we will also be available to answer any questions you have during regular clinic hours.

To learn more about BarnesCare substance abuse testing services or to set up an account, contact us, or call 314-747-5859.