When Heat Stress Strikes

When Heat Stress Strikes

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It is important to understand the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Not only are the symptoms different, but the first aid recommended is also different. In fact, giving first aid for heat exhaustion to a person with heat stroke could actually worsen their condition. The following information can help you differentiate between these two conditions.


Act quickly if someone appears pale or flushed; is sweating and has moist, clammy skin; feels weak, dizzy, or nauseous; has a headache.

  • Move person immediately to a cool place
  • Loosen clothing and place cool compresses on skin
  • Encourage them to slowly drink large quantities of water or other fluid
  • Elevate their feet slightly


Call for medical help immediately if someone has a high body temperature and rapid pulse; has hot, dry, reddish skin; stops sweating; becomes confused or delirious.

  • Move the victim immediately to a cool place until help comes
  • Fan the victim
  • Soak the victim's clothing with water to lower body temperature

5 Things to Remember if You Must be Out in the Heat:

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