ZumCare Clinic Keeps Employees Healthy While Saving District Money

The Fort Zumwalt School District in St. Charles County faced a dilemma familiar to other large employers: how to provide employees with high quality health care and not be eaten alive by the cost. They decided to try an option that’s been growing in popularity for the last several years.

OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Standards

These standards require employers to limit exposures and take steps to protect workers, such as medical exams. BarnesCare can help your company establish a respirable crystalline silica medical surveillance program and comply with the new standards.

What You Should Know About Crystalline Silica

About 2.3 million people in the U.S. are exposed to silica at work. Workers who inhale these small particles are at an increased risk for a number of diseases.

DOT Update: New Drug Testing Panel Addresses Nationwide Epidemic of Painkiller Abuse

In a long-anticipated move, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has expanded its drug testing panel to include prescription pain medications that are most frequently used without medical authorization. Here is a helpful summary from the experts at BarnesCare.

Substance Abuse Testing: Learn Your Options

BarnesCare’s substance abuse testing services are your company's best resource for maintaining the highest standards of employee safety, health and productivity. The BarnesCare team can help you determine the best testing program for your specific needs.

Medical Authorization Forms Promote Quality Care and Customer Service

At BarnesCare, our goal is to partner with client companies to create the most efficient, effective delivery of occupational medicine. To expedite patient registration and treatment services, a completed Medical Authorization Form is required for all patient visits.

Jump Start Your Wellness Program with Biometric Screens

Workplace screenings help employees learn and understand their health measurements and risks. They can be a great way to kick off a new wellness initiative or an annual offering to engage employees and remind them that their health is important to your organization.

Nurse Practitioners Add Value

Nurse practitioners practice in a variety of ambulatory, acute and long term care settings -- including occupational health. At BarnesCare, nurse practitioners are key players in a collaborative practice with physicians, physical and occupational therapists and other health care professionals.

Essential Function Testing Helps Companies Hire Smarter

More companies are finding essential function tests (EFTs) can be a cost-effective and necessary step in their hiring process. EFTs help ensure that candidates are able to meet the requirements of a job, reducing the likelihood of injury.

How to Prepare for Your DOT Medical Exam

Help your employees make their DOT physical exam as efficient as possible with these reminders from BarnesCare's certified medical examiners.



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