Ergonomic Workstation Evaluations

Ergonomic Workstation Evaluations

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Employees develop physical problems related to their jobs for many reasons. Workstation design or setup may contribute to physical problems. Some jobs may require performance of tasks that are repetitive or considered more physically demanding. In some cases, employees have physical conditions making them more susceptible to injury.

Employees who currently experience pain or discomfort related to the physical requirements of their job may benefit from an ergonomic workstation evaluation. Ergonomic workstation evaluations can also help employers identify problems with a workstation layout or design before it contributes to an employee’s physical discomfort or diagnosis.

Identifying Those at Risk

An ergonomic workstation evaluation could be very beneficial for your company if your employees are engaged in any of the following activities:

  • Working at a computer four or more hours per day
  • Repeating the same movement over and over again
  • Holding the same posture for prolonged periods of time
  • Lifting or bending

Cover All the Bases

A BarnesCare workstation evaluation includes the following:

  • Brief history including a review of symptoms
  • Description of the job and its essential functions
  • Positive aspects of the job
  • Analysis of workstation design and location of equipment
  • Identification of risk factors such as awkward posture, repetitive motions and contact stress
  • Workstation photos
  • Written report with risk factors identified and recommendations for risk modifications or controls
  • Communication with employer and medical provider as needed
  • Follow-up to ensure success of interventions as needed

A BarnesCare ergonomic workstation evaluation can improve your employee’s safety, productivity, comfort and morale. To learn more or to arrange for services, contact a BarnesCare account representative at 314-747-5859.

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