Independent Medical Evaluations

Independent Medical Evaluations

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An IME should not be confused with other types of physicals such as pre-placement or return-to-work. With an IME, the health care professional renders an opinion and/or answers specific questions. Their written report then becomes a legal instrument.

IMEs can be used to:

  • Determine causality in a workers' comp case
  • Establish an impairment rating
  • Establish the extent of injury or disability
  • Evaluate rehabilitation potential
  • Obtain a second opinion related to treatment or surgery
  • Resolve a difference of opinion between an employee's attending physician and the company physician

Because the quality of the exam and subsequent report depends on the credentials and expertise of the examiner, it is vital to use an experienced, qualified health care professional to perform an IME. The American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME) has established national standards of competency for licensed physicians who conduct IMEs.

BarnesCare’s Tom Kibby, MD, MPH CIME, has fulfilled all the requirements as a Certified Independent Medical Examiner, and he has over four years of experience performing IMEs. He is qualified to complete thorough examinations and reports that help employers make informed business decisions regarding the employee’s health status.

“The IME is an important tool in certain complicated cases,” says Dr. Kibby. “Not only does it provide objective medical opinion, but it also helps establish the legal tone for the case."

To learn more about IMEs or to arrange for services, contact Shelley Penrod at 314-747-5816.

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