BarnesCare Now Offers Hair Alcohol Testing

BarnesCare Now Offers Hair Alcohol Testing

On 17 Aug 2015, in

Hair alcohol testing measures average alcohol consumption over a period of approximately three months, indicating the level of alcohol use during that time period and providing a behavioral indication of excessive use. This test has been used effectively in courts, corporate alcohol screening programs and in monitoring medical issues and probation compliance.

This non-invasive testing procedure uses a small sample of hair that is easily collected and shipped. It measures the amount of ethyl glucuronide in the hair – a trace metabolite of ethanol and a direct alcohol biomarker.

BarnesCare’s hair alcohol testing follows the guidelines determined by the World Health Organization in association with the Society for Hair Testing for measuring consumption.

At BarnesCare, we strive to provide our clients with the most innovative technology and products available. We are pleased to provide another method to identify substance abuse and help you maintain a safe workplace.

For additional information about hair alcohol testing, please contact BarnesCare or call 314.747.5859.

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