Working-from-Home Ergonomics

Working-from-Home Ergonomics

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Workstation Basics

- Bring laptop close enough to see without bringing your head forward.
- Shoulders relaxed, arms at sides, elbows at 90-110 degree bend.
- Add pillows to seat and/or back to increase comfort and encourage use of the chair back.
- Elevate laptop to eye level with a stand or stack of books.
- Feet flat on the floor, or a footrest, box or stack of books.
- Use an external keyboard and mouse. If not possible, use a stand to angle the laptop keyboard.


Problem-Solving Tips

- Clear clutter so there is room directly in front of you.
- Televisions with HDMI/VGA (or other connecting ports) can be used as a monitor in a pinch.
- If your worktable is too high, consider moving your input devices lower. For example, place the keyboard and mouse on a board in your lap.
- Even if your chair has arm rests, you don’t have to constantly use them if they prop your elbows away from your body.
- If working with your laptop on your knees, add a pillow or box underneath the laptop to raise it slightly. (Not recommend for prolonged periods.)


Tips for Working at Home

- Move around a lot and try working on different surfaces around your household. You may be surprised at what works!
- Variety is key. Change it up at least once every two hours.
- Make sure you have enough lighting.
- Open the windows and get some fresh air!
- Drink lots of water; it’ll get you up and walking around both to get water and to use the restroom.
- Move to the couch if you’re reading a reference book or documents.
- Taking a phone call? Try pacing and getting some steps in.

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