Experienced Team Specializes in Safe Return to Work

BarnesCare's physical and occupational therapy specialists are experts in helping injured workers restore their physical performance, return to work with minimal time lost, prevent re-injury and increase overall productivity.

After a detailed musculoskeletal evaluation, each BarnesCare patient receives a customized, goal-oriented treatment program. Patient education is central to our approach. Most therapy plans include home exercise programs.

Physical Therapy

BarnesCare physical therapists are prepared to treat common injuries sustained in the workplace as well as difficult post-surgical cases such as ACL reconstructions, rotator cuff repairs, disc repairs and spinal stabilizations.

Hand Therapy

Led by two board-certified hand therapists, BarnesCare's hand therapy program treats acute injuries such as carpal tunnel release, nerve entrapment, fractures and tendon repairs.

Going beyond conventional treatment, BarnesCare hand therapists also determine the source of the injury, help identify ways to prevent re-injury and recommend "hand-safe" methods of completing required job and daily living tasks.

Work Hardening

The BarnesCare work hardening program ensures that the injured worker can perform in a safe and productive manner upon return to work. BarnesCare’s experts use detailed job simulation, conditioning exercises and patient education to help maximize function and work tolerance.

Work Conditioning

BarnesCare's Work Conditioning Program emphasizes returning injured employees to work as quickly as possible while keeping them physically fit.

Therapists may work with the injured worker two to three times per week to improve strength, flexibility, endurance and work task tolerances.

Essential Function Testing

Successful hiring begins with matching an applicant’s physical abilities to the demands of the job. BarnesCare can help you make informed hiring decisions through essential function testing. Essential function testing complements the pre-placement physical exam. It also instructs proper body mechanics, posture and lifting techniques, to ensure daily tasks are carried out safely. Read more about the value of essential function testing.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

The BarnesCare FCE is an extensive evaluation that provides objective information to determine an individual's physical abilities and/or the status of their occupational disability. It includes measurement of strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular condition and body mechanics.

FCE results are summarized with specific recommendations regarding the patient's level of functionality, including their ability to perform on the job and/or return to work.

Meet BarnesCare’s physical therapy team.