BioPharma Support Services

As science advances, the drugs and products developed are more and more potent. Protecting your employees is critical.

For companies in the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and biotechnology industries, environmental health and safety (EHS) program evaluation is not only a regulatory requirement, it's good business. The BarnesCare Biopharma Support Services team provides this expertise by helping you evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs, determine areas for improvement and minimize overall risk.

Let BarnesCare help you enhance your company's safety program.

Health Hazard Assessments

  • Review and summarize existing safety and health literature
  • Recommend occupational exposure limits, or control bands, based on your company's EHS program
  • Design and manage toxicity assessment testing of your materials; develop occupational exposure limits and control band ratings

EHS Support

  • Help your company develop a policy or program for handling hazardous compounds
  • Design and support protocols for emergency response teams responsible for research and development, and hazardous production facilities
  • Assist in drafting material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Support your industrial hygienist
  • Prepare and present HAZCOM training for hazardous materials

Clinical Evaluations

  • Perform OSHA-mandated evaluations for respirator users, hazardous waste operators, research and development lab workers, and others
  • Provide clinical care for injuries using knowledge of the company's operations and hazardous materials
  • Provide urgent care for workers with possible hazardous material exposures
  • Maintain 24-hour call coverage with a physician familiar with your operations

Expert Witness

  • Review toxic exposure cases for scientific validity
  • Where appropriate, act as an expert witness

For more information, contact a BJC Corporate Health Consultant at 314.747.5846.