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Around-the-Clock Occupational Medicine with BJC 24-7

A work-related injury or exposure can be an unsettling experience for individuals, their families and their employers. It’s good to know that the professionals at BJC HealthCare share a round-the-clock commitment to patients who require work-related injury treatment -- as well as the employers that direct their care. BJC providers believe that quality care and communication is key to every patient and employer experience -- and should not be dependent upon the time and date of the injury. 

BJC 24-7 Occupational Medicine Case Management provides coordination of care starting at the time of the injury or exposure and results in appropriate and timely follow-up care as well as improved communication. 

BJC 24-7 is more than an on-call physician or nurse. It’s an experienced occupational medicine professional focusing on skilled coordination of treating physicians, specialists or caregivers -- at the right time, in the right place. BJC 24-7 “connects the dots” -- preventing worry and confusion for patients and their employers. 

BJC 24-7:

  • Supports compliance with employer protocols, such as post-accident drug screening
  • Provides information to the employer about initial medical care, work status and restrictions the next business day
  • Aids in timely referral to an occupational medicine specialist authorized by the employer
  • Facilitates follow-up care for patients
  • Provides assistance with referrals to authorized specialists, if needed
  • Ensures timely access to medical records
  • Supports case management of employee injuries
  • Analyzes data from the program to improve future care of work-related injuries and exposures

BJC 24-7 also acts as an information resource for treating providers to:

  • Verify company-specific protocol
  • Obtain employer contact information
  • Coordinate urgent specialty referrals

How does BJC 24-7 work? 

BJC emergency departments rely on BJC 24-7 to check drug screen protocol and to communicate information about the ED visit. The occupational medicine specialist discusses the medical provider’s findings, follow-up treatment, medications and any specific details that should be communicated to the employer. The next day, the employer is informed to facilitate timely authorization of follow-up care if needed. 

The BJC 24-7 Call Center is available at 314.995.0999 to help employers assess if an emergency room visit is needed immediately or if the injury can be evaluated during primary clinic hours. Patients can call with medical questions after their ED visit or to get directions to the nearest BJC facility. 

BJC 24-7 coordinates care with the following BJC HealthCare facilities:

“With BJC 24/7, everyone is on the same page and the focus is where it belongs: on providing the best care for the injured employee,” said Scott C. Jones, DO, MPH, FAOCOPM, BarnesCare medical director. 

BJC 24-7 is available to all BarnesCare clients free of charge. To find out more about this service or BJC HealthCare’s commitment to quality occupational medicine services, contact a BJC corporate health consultant at 314.747.5859.

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Around-the-Clock Occupational Medicine with BJC 24-7

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