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BarnesCare Offers On-Site Flu Shots
The single best way to protect against the seasonal flu is to get vaccinated each year. BarnesCare makes it easy for you and your employees to get vaccinated with on-site flu clinics. To reserve a date and time for an on-site flu clinic at your company, please complete and return the On-Site Request Form. All dates and times are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Since immunity takes two weeks to build and wanes over time, the vaccine should be received in October or November to sustain immunity through the flu season.

For more information, contact Jane Myers at or 314.362.0639.

What You Should Know About the 2013-2014 Flu Season

What sort of flu season is expected this year?
Flu seasons are unpredictable in a number of ways. Although epidemics of flu happen every year, the timing, severity and length of the season varies from one year to another.

Will new strains of flu circulate this season?
Flu viruses are constantly changing so it's not unusual for new flu virus strains to appear each year.

When will flu activity begin and when will it peak?
The timing of flu is very unpredictable and can vary from season to season. Flu activity most commonly peaks in the U.S. in January or February. However, seasonal flu activity can begin as early as October and continue to occur as late as May.

What should I do to prepare for this flu season?
CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine for everyone six months of age and older as the first and most important step in protecting against this serious disease. While there are many different flu viruses, the flu vaccine is designed to protect against the three main flu strains that research indicates will cause the most illness during the flu season. Getting the flu vaccine as soon as it becomes available each year is always a good idea, and the protection you get from vaccination will last throughout the flu season.

In addition, you can take everyday preventive steps like staying away from sick people and washing your hands to reduce the spread of germs. If you are sick with flu, stay home from work or school to prevent spreading influenza to others.

What flu viruses does this season’s vaccine protect against?
Flu vaccines are designed to protect against three influenza viruses that experts predict will be the most common during the upcoming season. Three kinds of influenza viruses commonly circulate among people today: Influenza A (H1N1) viruses, influenza A (H3N2) viruses and influenza B viruses. Each year, one flu virus of each kind is used to produce seasonal influenza vaccine.

Above information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The BarnesCare flu shot program is for adults age 18 and older. All scheduled on-site dates are subject to change or cancellation based on vaccine availability and the Centers for Disease Control distribution guidelines.

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BarnesCare Offers On-Site Flu Shots

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