News Dedicated to a Healthy Workplace January/February 2013
Update Your BarnesCare Account
Have you changed workers' compensation insurance carriers or third-party administrators recently? Has any of your company contact information changed? If so, it only takes a moment to update your company information in our medical information system -- and it may save you time later.

"It's a good idea to review your company's specific information, medical protocols and billing information on an annual basis," says Diane Palmer, RN, MPH, director, BarnesCare clinic operations. "Incorrect information often leads to patient delays, billing errors and client frustration. The more information we have, the better we are able to exceed our clients' and patients' needs." 

BarnesCare client protocols are shared with BJC hospital emergency departments, through a secure intranet connection, for your employees requiring emergency treatment. It is important that emergency department staff have accurate information needed for billing and substance abuse testing. We encourage our clients to provide a 24-hour supervisor's or manager's telephone number for questions related to care after regular clinic hours. "In an emergency care situation, updated contact information can help facilitate communication between providers, employers, patients and in some cases, patients' family members," says Palmer.

To update your BarnesCare account information, contact a BJC corporate health consultant at 314.747.5859. 

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Update Your BarnesCare Account

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